Squares and fountains: from Renaissance to Baroque

Squares and fountains: from Renaissance to Baroque

€250 per person

Number of people: up to 6 pax

The history of Rome goes also and specially through its squares. Amidst wonderful monuments, barroque fountains, Roman ruins and old churches, the squares of Rome certainly are the best way to get to know the life and history of the city. Meeting and exchange places, squares are the true soul of Rome. Suggestive, romantic, lively and colourful, they go with every day life and are venues for big events in the capital. Each has its own story to tell and its hidden treasures, each able to arouse a different emotion. Undoubtedly there is no city in the world that has more waters and fountains than Rome. It has been thus since ancient times, when 11 aqueducts supplied thousands and thousands of litres of water to the city each day, feeding the countless fountains and magnificent baths. The sacking of the Goths, resulting in the cutting of the aqueducts, ended this richness, and only at the end of the 16th century did the popes tackle the water supply problem adequately. Since then Rome was adorned with dozens of monumental fountains celebrating the pontiffs’ munificence, often flanked by drinking troughs and public basins for practical uses. And today still, while we admire these masterpieces, we refresh ourselves by drinking the excellent water running from the typical drinking-water fountains affectionately called “nasoni” – big noses – because of the curious shape of the curved spout.

This tour explores Roma “Romantica” and will take us through the wonder of Rome’s squares and fountains, where will be able to admire some of the architectural gems of the heart of the city.

From your hotel directly to Piazza Venezia, near by the King Memorial or the Unkown soldier  monument, Trevi fountain, and Spanish steps, Piazza Navona –  with the 4 Rivers fountain by Bernini – the panoramic views over Rome from the Aventino keyhole and Gianicolo hill.

Tours can be done daily (we won’t enter churches when masses are currently celebrated).

Half day tour
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    Dressing appropriately is required to enter in the churches and confortable shoes
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    Squares and fountains: from Renaissance to Baroque
    Personal Guide
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  • Walking tour with pick up at your place in Rome.
  • Tours run daily.